Fireball (Shawn Camp) 

Live from Lockdown City

The Long Haul

Click just below for the second of two lockdown videos, this one featuring Matt Windler on guitar and two rather glamorous backing vocalists.

Click below right and you’ll find number three...

Thanks, François, for putting the vids together...




DUKE of WELLINGTON, Shoreham, Sun 13 Dec, 5.30pm

The Short Haul, as we like to call it, will be at the new Beak Brewery, just across the road from the Snowdrop, in Lewes on Saturday 12 December.

The brewery open a tap room every Saturday and we’ll be playing from

6 – 9pm. It’s a great chance to try out some brand new beers too. There’s a cool little video about the brewery HERE

It’s free to get in, but you’ll need to book a table, and you can do that HERE

Then on Sunday it’s the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham.

Reserve your £3 tickets by calling the venue on 01273-441297.


✪ Lockdown vid 3


Here’s the third in our series of lockdown videos – this time it’s a song from the new album, all ready to be released in April 2021.

So here’s a sneak preview of Duncan’s Only Game in Town.

Take it away now boys...

To find out a bit more about the Long Haul (that’s James, François, Simon, Duncan and Scott), click the pink arrow below...

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