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The Long Haul
hail from Brighton in the UK. Formed through a collective love of all things Americana and Country, the band recently played the British Country Music Festival. A video series is available on YouTube, and album number three is set to follow in October 2021.

About the band members >



Lead vocal, acoustic guitar

Simon plays acoustic guitar, sings and plays bass (though the latter not in this band!) and, along with Francois, writes the band’s material. A self confessed country enthusiast, Simon is a big fan of Texas country, Western Swing and singer songwriters. His prize possession is a Martin D18 guitar which comes out to gigs from time to time (birthdays and special occasions).


Pedal steel, vocals

Starting his Long Haul journey up on his feet as the bass-player, Francois now enjoys sitting down and taking the pedal-steel seat. Thanks, Scott, for taking the weight off his feet... He came to playing steel relatively late but was lucky enough to study, all too briefly, with the late great Jeff Newman - arguably the world’s best steel guitar teacher. Jeff’s motto was one which Francois tries, with occasional success, to live up to: “Make It Pretty”.


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Duncan is the guitar player for the band, and is pretty nifty with the twang of a Telecaster. A country music aficionado, Duncan provides the snap and soul at the heart of the Long Haul. He has been obsessed with all things Western since being given a Davy Crockett hat and a copy of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ at the age of five. He lived in the US for ten years, but returned, Telecaster in hand, to play ‘both kinds’ of music here. His guitar heroes are many and varied, but include all the usual suspects from Marty Stuart and the B-Bender style (he’s owned one for 25 years) through to modern players like Guthrie Trapp. An all-rounder, Duncan plays country, blues, swing, rockabilly as well as British 60’s pop, on which he grew up.



James regularly performs all over the United Kingdom with many different musicians and bands, playing a wide variety of genres reaching from jazz and blues to funk and rock. Recently, James has been in the studio creating sound library’s for the company ‘loopmasters.’ James developed his love for country music from a young age listening to artists such as Nanci Griffith, Vince Gill and Alan Jackson. ‘It’s really nice to be involved with a country band, playing both originals and covers as it is a genre I really enjoy and it’s great fun to play with like minded musicians who share the same passion.’


Double bass, vocals

Born in London, Scott started off playing electric bass after buying one in a jumble sale thinking it was a normal guitar, and only noticing it had four strings when he got it home. Moving onto double-bass, he now plays with a whole range of artists in the UK, has toured America, and regularly tours the UK/Europe with US artists. He’s also a Whispering Bob All Star, supplying the double bass on Bob Harris’s new charity relase Stand By Me 2020. 

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